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The 2019 Alberta Percheron Club Scholarship Winner was
Halley Ruzicka

The Alberta Percheron Club is again offering a scholarship for the amount of $500.00, this scholarship is

offered to Alberta Percheron Club Youth Members in good standing.


  • This scholarship is available to any youth between the ages of 16-21.

  • The money ($500.00) may be used for education at any post secondary institution. (The directors of the Alberta Percheron Club will make the final decision of the approval of the institution.) Or, it may be used for tuition in clinics directly related to horses. (The directors of the Alberta Percheron Club wll make the decision as to wheather or not a clinic is related to horses.)

  • Participants must be members of the Alberta Percheron Club.

  • Youths may participate in consecutive years until the award has been won. If there is a year in which there are no eligible youth participants then the youth that has previously won may compete in that year.



The youth will present a five minute speech that will reflect their involvement with the percheron horse and/or

the influence of the percheron horse in their life. Your speech must be delivered at the annual general meeting

at the Westerner Park, Red Deer in February. The day will be announced.



The speech will be judged on: -content 60%

                                                          -delivery 40%

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