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Alberta Percheron Club

The Alberta Percheron Club was founded in the late 1920’s to establish a fellowship within the Percheron industry and to promote the Alberta Percheron, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Some of the activities that the Alberta Percheron Club supports and is involved in, include:

  • The Annual Percheron Club Meeting, held in February of each year.

  • The Wild Rose Draft Horse Sale held the beginning of May.

  • The Draft Horse Field Day held in June of each year.

  • The Provincial Percheron Show held annually each year.

  • The Annual Percheron Club Draft Horse Foal Show held in October.

  • The Annual Alberta Percheron Club Breed Directory listing members and their horses
    (mailed to Percheron Breeders in Canada, the United States and Europe.)

  • The Alberta Percheron Club Youth Program
    (Getting kids involved in the Draft Horse)

  • The Alberta Percheron Club Yearly Scholarship, which is available to junior members age 16-21.

  • The Alberta Percheron Club is a proud supporter of the Alberta Draft Horse 4-H.

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